Heimlich in Tokyo

Just to let you know … our new CD, available in JAPAN!

Heimlich in Japan

Photo: Ogo


Thank you … and see you soon!

Hamburg, Essen, Köln, Frankfurt, Ludwigsburg, München, Erfurt, Leipzig, Dresden, Hannover, Bremen, Rostock and Berlin. Thank you to everyone behind, and in front of stage. Meaning you! Without you guys, no 17 HIPPIES!

Soundcheck in Leipzig
Soundcheck Leipzig, 27.04.07

Backstage in Cologne
Found backstage – Cologne, 21.04.07

Zeche Carl in Essen
Live in Essen, Zeche Carl, 20.04.07

Photos: Diak Haring, the best tourmanager from world


Thank you … to everyone who came to …

… a midsummer’s concert in Aachen … in the rain ( What a night!!), to Lorsch & Kassel (it was like meeting old friends), to Basel & Thun & Zürich (you bet, well turn up more often!), to Colmar, Bayeux, Pons, Vendômes & Langres (avec nos amis tant aimés), to Prague & Litomercice (opening up a new horizon), to Sallent de Gallégo, Barbastro, Zaragoza, Tarragona, Salamanca & Vic (being “fanned“ at in the heat), to Heerlen/Holland (with it’s audience of metal fans), to Budapest and the fantastic Sziget Festival (with the whole world on an island). And last, not least, our hometown Berlin

To all and everyone: thank you all for coming! Thank you all for sharing, and hope to see you next year with a brand-new CD full of new songs.