Covers & Cream

It’s always a special honour for us to hear and see how musicians and other artistis are inspired by what we do. Some use our music, some rerecord our songs, and some … oh come in and take a look!


Here’s a list of musicians doing cover versions of our tunes:


And here’s a list of artists and others using our recordings in connection with what they do (some have even asked us)

  • Adieu – played by Marc Farre at THE LIVING ROOM in NYC
  • Freilachs – funny little film using old film clips
  • Marlène – rain in Vienna
  • Moving Song – the action hamster!
  • Saragina Rumba – Gaston Torelli and Mariela Sametband dance tango too
  • Saragina Rumba – WOW!!! Odjibox with a great remix version ON ORIGINAL FILM
  • Son Mystère – Berlin well done in black & white
  • Tamtatusch – “Divercity”, project by Das Experimentierlabor
  • Paso Doble – Wendy Marlatt at the Zoryanna Summer Hafla in Dublin
  • T-Shirt – “Psychograhie”, film by Emile Rabaté. No music … the shirt!

Hessen or Hell! (Dirk’s corner)

When Dirk doesn’t work on our graphics, or shop for essentials, or fiddle with his computer, or record solo albums … he comes up with STUFF!

  • Foo – a balmy game
  • Mad Bad Cat – his very first cartoon
  • Uz – his first ever video