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here’s a list of musicians we’ve played with. (R) indicates that we’ve recorded together, (L) that we’ve played live on stage and (M) that they are part of the Metamorphosis project:

  • Aly Keita – balafon maestro from Abidjan (R)
  • Andreas Uhlmann – trombone player & electronic musician from Leipzig (L) (M)
  • Aris Daryono – gamelan player from Java, currently living in London (L) (M)
  • Blake Worrell – performer, singer, actor … a very busy man (M)
  • Bandabardò – band from Florence feat. the gentle voice of Erriquez (M)
  • Bayou Seco – oldtime duo from Silver City in New Mexico (L) (M)
  • Bob Brozman – late (amazing) American multi guitar guitarist (L)
  • Boom Pam – surf band from Tel Aviv to end all surf bands (L)
  • Boris Bell – composer, drummer & drum gaget inventor (R)
  • Carsten Dane – pianist, translator, impressario, wearer of suits (L) (M)
  • Cicala Mvta – band from Tokyo, feat. clarinet player Ohkuma Wataru (L) (M)
  • David Greely – fiddle player and music collector from Lafayette (M)
  • Djamawi Africa – groovy band from Algiers (L)
  • De Kift – band from Amsterdam, feat. composer Ferry Heijne (L) (M)
  • !Deladap – Viennese DJ set up, featuring Stani Vana (R) (L)
  • Dhoad Gypsies – from Rajasthan (L)
  • Dong West – vocal & percussion duo from Berlin (M)
  • Drumtrainer Berlin – young marching drumband (R)
  • Elliott Sharp – guitar player, bass player … and citizen of the world (L)
  • Elyas Khan – special voice from New York City and elsewhere (L) (M) (R)
  • Fabrizio Cammarata – the voice of contemporary Palermo (L) (M)
  • Gregor Fuhrmann – classical cellist with a view (L) (M) (R)
  • Harald Großkopf – drummer, techno pioneer and friend (L) (M) (R)
  • I Matti delle Giuncaie – band from Firenze (M)
  • Jan Tilmann Schade – cellist, excavator driver and performer (L) (M)
  • Jd Foster – producer, musician & psychotherapist (R)
  • Johannes Leis – sax and flute wizard from Valence (L) (M) (R)
  • John Kennedy – Brisbane singer, guitarist & songwriter (M)
  • Johnny Kalsi – funky West London percussionist (L)
  • Les Hurlements d‘Léo – band from Bordeaux (L) (R)
  • Marc Ribot – our favourite electric guitarist (L) (M) (R)
  • Mark Rubin – bass and tuba player from Oklahoma (R)
  • Mars Red Sky – big guitars from Bordeaux (M)
  • Max Weissenfeldt – drummer & impressario (R)
  • Nano Stern – multi instrumentalist, singer, and traveller from Santiago de Chile (L)
  • Nitin Sawhney – DJ, composer, guitarist, piano player extraordinaire (L)
  • Ogres de Barback – 4 siblings, a band and truly independent (L) (M) (R)
  • Paul Brody – Berlin’s very own Californian trumpet maestro (L) (M) (R)
  • Pauline Boeykens – rockin’ queen of tuba (L) (R)
  • Sören Birke – the worlds lost blues harp player (L) (M) (R)
  • Stoppok – German rock music at it’s best (L) M) (R)
  • The Beez – Berlin Australian music cabaret (L) (M)
  • Tunji Beier – what a percussionist! (L) (M) (R)
  • Uri Kinrot – if cool was a guitarist, this is him (L) (M)
  • Uzi Feinerman – Jaffa’s very own mix of Dick Dale and Igor Strawinsky (L) (M)
  • Vivian Lee – versatile Hong Kong singer (L) (M)
  • Vladimir Miller – quite some clarinette player (R)
  • Yuriy Gurzhy – DJ and Ukrainian global connector (L) (M)

Jam List – long list of musicians who have played with 17 Hippies at one time or antother

more artists

here’s a list of artists that we have had the privilege of working with:

more people

and then there are those people we’ve met, and who have inspired us in many ways:

must sees

short list of inspiring artists we strongly recomend to check out!


Over the years quite a few people have been part of 17 Hippies family. This is what some are doing elsewhere:

  • Carsten – our founding brother bass player now hangs out with ?Shmaltz!
  • Conde – see the world with our live sound wizards eyes
  • Daniel – our violinoso, loves the uku, and teaches both
  • Dirk and Danda – are Trageser! With all their own grooves and moves
  • ChristopherDirkFrankKomaJakob & Moe were Pharao T & the Big Block
  • El Schneider (stuff), and Koma (bagpipes) are Die goldene 3
  • Guido – played guitar for a while and then flew the Ballonorkester
  • Henry – when he doesn’t play clarinet, lights lights
  • Henryk – our ex merchandiser, now shows tourists through his Swedish mine
  • Jakob – mandolin, and the occasional electric guitar is an Element of Crime
  • Kerstin – our violin and saw player also books shop at Paul & Paula
  • Lüül – our banjo player, has a singer songwritter career as … Lüül
  • Meduli – played violin, builds instruments, and is now Searchin the Roots
  • Moe – plays bass, zither, guitar; composes, produces … among others: Kitty Hoff
  • Romain – our drummer … check out his cool videos
  • Sibylle – manages our publishing, and is into Aufbruch prison theatre
  • Silke – sometimes fiddles with us, but generally is on the Subway to Sally
  • Speedy – long-time bass player special is inseparable from Geschwister Pfister