Hello from Chicago …


… and off we go to Montréal in Québec; passing by the Great Lakes. Driving, driving, driving. America is soo beautiful in autumn. Our concerts are going strong, the people are breathtakingly nice, eager to get connected, … and love to party, In short, everything is: “farout cool”, and “awesome”!!! Each place with it’s unmistakable charm, the “Global Union Festival” in Milwaukee & the “Willy Street Fair” in Madison: Thank you so much for having us! We’ll keep our promise, and come back!!

Soundcheck in progress


World Music Festival at the Hide Out /Chicago, Sept 16th
Photos: Die Karin


Chicago seen from the Bar on 96 floor “John Hancock Center”. Wow!
Photo: Hark Dearing – TOV


Sightseeing in Chicago: “Beanie” at the Millenium Park
Photo: Jeff Haring

Toilet Instructions

And everywhere European influences. Who would have thought, that we go THIS far …
Photo: Diak, best tourmanager on vacation